NEN Services

Our belief in importance of community work, and a firm conviction for target of institutions of civil society, and affirmation of the role of training and evaluation and community studies institutions in service of people in all sectors and its diversity. Always dawn on you with all new, and fruitful, to deepen the idea, and civil work culture, moving forward with all the loyal friends and supporters for the better and towards the advancement and development.

National Education Network began an idea through a successful initiative by community figures, went to meet the needs of people, were set up qualification cadres necessary to ensure achievement of lofty mission to community, and developed a variety of programs and implemented various projects of sectors (youth training, women training, human resources development) and issued several studies and research, got international and local institutions membership. Today National Education Network more in-depth in fields of community work, as implemented large projects from international support institutions, we believes the structure of a serious dialogue aimed at fine-tuning and development of targeted sectors with accuracy.

Let’s participate in success of this interactive platform, always happy with your comments, suggestions and notes.

And on my own behalf and on behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and committees volunteer, thank all who contributed in the establishment of this civil edifice, founders, members, boards of former management, directors, executives, and we will continue the journey toward real community participation and use of the professional standards of social work.

We look forward to the participation of all interested activists, Arab and international institutions in all our programs and qualifying, services projects.

You and all of us sincerely