NEN Services

National Education Network Provides a range of services in many fields that serve business owners and help them perform their daily work easier, centrality, in a safer way with more control than ever.

Services are summarized in the following:

Information and Communication Technology Department
• Network Infrastructure
• Server Infrastructure
• Cloud Solutions

Web and Application Development Services
• Web Application Development Services
• Mobile Application Development Services
• ERP Systems Development

Digital Marketing
• Content Marketing Solutions
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Solutions
• Social Media Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Search and Social Ads
• Web Design and Development
• Mobile Web Development
• E-Marketing Solutions

Data Security
• Firewall Systems Design
• Data Encryption and Information Secure Solutions
• Smart Cards and Biometric Tools Solutions
• Surveillance Systems Solutions

Design of Control Systems
• Application Maintenance and SW Reverse Engineering
• Automation Solutions
• PLC, SCADA and Custom Controller design
• PC Front-End interface

Technology Consulting
• Information and Communication Consulting
• Education Technology Consulting