NEN Services

Security is a major problem. Hackers, spies, thieves, and other criminals are always finding ways to overcome security systems.

Our industrial and electrical technology team protect your organization against criminals by finding the best soft and hard security solutions, such as finger print and retina recognition, smart cards, security cam, firewalls, VPN authentication, data encryption, authenticity of electronic transactions and much more.

Firewall Systems Design

No matter how strong your network defenses and non-compliant systems can bring your network down, NEN network access control ( NAC ) solutions, making you sure that only systems that comply with your security policies are granted access to your network, enforcer with system and network protection and professional services for maximum flexibility and scalability.

Data Encryption and Information Secure Solutions

NEN offer many types of data protection systems, ranging from full disk encryption and boot protection, to specific folder and file encryption, also offers e-mail encryption and signing with seamless connectivity to major e-mail clients using standard security features.

Smart Cards and Biometric Tools Solutions

Smart cards
NEN provide secure card identity systems, smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, photo ID badges, and more, used in access control systems, time and attendance tracking and asset protection.

Biometric tools
Biometric tools measure biological traits such as fingerprints, hand geometry, facial, and voice or retina patterns to verify identity. NEN provides varying collection of biometric products to achieve high security level.

Surveillance Systems Solutions

EN provides remote video surveillance systems, digital recording, security cameras equipment, CCTV security system, dialers and remote monitoring with hidden cameras and time-lapse recorders

NEN provide user authentication for network login, supporting both smartcard and finger print using PKI and the native Microsoft logon (GINAAPI). We also support multiple web authentication methods including one-time passwords and digital certificates; secure digital transactions, steganoanalysis, digital signature and watermarks.