Membership Advantages

About NEN

Students can join NEN completely free, by registering on website, which giving you access to many features, such as:

• Student gets practical training at high-level, observed and managed through an integrated electronic system designed specially to protect student from unaccredited training courses.

• Training be on licensed programs, international accredited curriculum selected and prepared in accordance with needs of the labor market, accompanied by an international tests to get internationally recognized certificates.

• Student receives certificate of achievement from NEN with international reference and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• Student can choose the right trainer, internationally certified all over the world through Freelancer trainers Academy (FLA) which have the largest number of professional trainers in one place.

• Student receives a free subscription to NEN Data Center and free educational bags in addition to free account for interactive learning programs in Alumni initiative.

• Student can join workshops completely free and save time by testing his capabilities before embarking on a particular specialization of study and to get acquainted with this field and see if it’s appropriate or not.

• Student can control choice of international tests place and time in field of information technology and even if center is not accredited as an international testing center, that because NEN is the only company in Middle East has mobile test center permit.

• Student gets free NEN membership card, which allow to participate in more than 11 search engine of jobs, and help in the adoption of immigration procedures and study abroad through cooperation agreements with leading offices.

• Student can save money by upgrading membership to Elite Memberships and get 50% discount on all training courses and international tests established in accredited training centers all over the world.

• Student receives the identity of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) approved by UNESCO, which allows you to have discounts on travel and residence abroad.

• Student gets a discount card of $ 100 can be donated to a friend and can be used in all accredited centers.

• Student receives a letter of recommendation have the expertise gained by student, in addition to a certificate of experience documented by foreign affairs for trained students for more than 180 days.

• Student can apply for membership to "Freelancer Academy" After passing training of trainers (TOT) session, internationally accredited from educational partner, allowing student to teach and issue accredited certifications.

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