About NEN

Education, training are ethics, credibility and experience.

According to our belief in the need of the Egyptian and Arab market to advancement in technology and leadership skills fields, where professionalism lies in what is acquired through specialized programs in training and practice, so we open a world of opportunities and possibilities for you in order to discover your teaching and training outstanding style, which positively add to training process through choose of best trainer after passing several test.

National Education Network eligible you to become an international certified trainer in your specialty through Freelancer Academy.

Join Freelancer Academy advantages:
• Trainer got certificate and title of Certified Trainer from Freelancer trainers Academy.
• Trainer have the right of issuance certificates of his trainees through educational Academy Partners.
• Appearing in search engines for more than 500 training center in Middle East.
• A private trainer page on website of academy include academic training achievements and all trainer information.
• Qualifying trainer to get international trainer certificates of specialized training such as (MCT, CCI, CTT).
• Trainer get a reduction up to 50% on international tests such as Microsoft, Cisco and other
• Trainer gets certificate of experience documented from ministry of foreign affairs, accredit of his training record, including number of training hours and number of trainees sealed and documented from Academy.
• The possibility of issuing NEN accredited certificates internationally for students.
• Get an original scientific curriculum and original licensed programs.

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