About NEN

As an accredited Training Center of National Education Network, you will become part of a team of professionals who know about testing field and assessment industry more than anyone else all over the world. You will be involved in solving some of the most complex problems facing today's business world, as well as gain many of advantages such as:

• Marketing with trade name "National Education Network."
• Issue National Education Network certifications.
• Issue international certificates subject to requirements availability.
• Access to IMC fund.
• Access NEN electronic system for administration, accounting and performance appraisal.
• Take advantage of Freelancer Academy database
• Take advantage of customer’s specific cities and regions accredited database.
• Reduce cost of ads in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV
• Reduce cost in design and print promotional office materials and various accessories
• Issuance of bank cards, membership cards and business cards for center employees.
• Issuance of necessary permits for operation of networks, telecommunications and equipment imported from abroad.
• Support center in accreditation as an international test center for (ICDL, PROMETRIC, VUE, ETS, and GES) subject to requirements availability.
• Support center in accreditation as a partner for global companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco and other, subject to requirements availability

• To register as a certified training center of NEN
Interested to become a certified training center of NEN, you can reach your desire for us in simple steps.
1. Fill training center application form, click here.
2. Fill the required data and center data.
3. Upload required files as well as images of center.
4. Send your request for management of NEN to get registration papers and legal papers:
5. Prepare your center for unexpected visit.


• Having National Education Network Accreditation is not meaning being its exclusive agent in all projects and public tenders for NEN, where each project has independent nature, and be under contract and special conditions. But center could be accredit exclusively for a project or special training program under his administration by support of NEN in fields and accredited regions.