Workshops is a meeting between a team in one field. Possible to continue for long hours. Research’s are submitted or proposals in this same field. Exchanges views and experiences and come up with recommendations commit or benefits the participants.

National Education Network aims to establish the principle of effective participation, which results many constructive opinions, from past experiences or suggestions from trainees. it help trainees acquire the spirit of team work.

Workshops advantages
• Workshops help trainees work to test themselves before embarking on specialization in a particular field of study by identifying closely on this field and see if it is suitable for them or not.
• Exchange views and experiences on the topic of workshop in a practical and simple way.
• Help participants in workshop to acquire a variety of skills related to the workshop.
• Provide opportunities for trainees to participate in thinking about the topic of the workshop and show new opportunities.
• Develop participants knowledge, build their ideas and modify their perceptions by interact with each other or interaction between them and trainer.
• Transition to interactive education, which the trainee become part and partner in training process where the trainee actively and effectively participate in construction of knowledge