National Education Network is one of the most important accredited testing centers for PROMETRIC, where it provide tests for more than 350 organizations around the world in a lot of fields.

What to do on Test Day?
• Student must make sure that test booking approved by contacting test center and following up e-mail address registered at our database.
• Student on test day should be in test center before test by 30 minutes at least, to finish test Check-In procedures.

Required documents on test day
Student should bring 2 personal certified and valid identification to prove his presence to enter test room, and if he has not committed to bring required identities, he won’t be able to enter test.

Personal identity such as
1. Local ID card
2. Passport
3. Driving license
4. Military identification card

In addition to
1. Debit or Credit bank card
2. Business Card
3. University identification card