About NEN

Training, cooperation and communication plays a key role in basic structural changes of education. National Education Network keen on developing educational solutions that contribute to development of educational process and move it to another phase by many of specific steps planned by a dedicated team studies the current level of educational process and how to improve it. The result has access to several major axes of solutions.

Elite membership
Integrated membership saves cost of waiting list completion time, cost of training course and international tests by up to 50% of value of international testing, training course and many other features needed by trainee to start his practical life.

International certification
There are many providers of international certificates in various fields and specialties. International certification is characterized by wide extent for work acceptance, these certificates aims to create qualified staff for working in different fields by obtaining accreditation from international organizations, which offering highest standards approved for experience obtained in the specialty certified at. National Education Network achieved widespread in partnership with international organizations for international certifications, which serve all fields for qualifying to labor market.

Skills measurement certificates
National Education Network creates a set of skills measurement certificates have been specially developed through the specialist teamwork and consultants to measure job skills, ensure the quality and high precision in measuring the trainees’ skills.

Workshops is a meeting between a team in one field. Possible to continue for long hours. Research’s are submitted or proposals in this same field. Exchanges views and experiences and come up with recommendations commit or benefits the participants.

National Education Network aims to establish the principle of effective participation, which results many constructive opinions, from past experiences or suggestions from trainees. it help trainees acquire the spirit of team work.

Interactive Learning
A technique used in educating and training depends on the interaction between the trainer and the trainees. As well as interaction between the trainees with each other.

International tests
National Education Network provided a distinct solution for functioning of international tests where many of international companies based in skills measurement tests, quality tests on a global testing centers to organize global testing process and assure presence of test globally for largest number of countries with the same quality standards and to ensure get certifications of these companies legitimate, fair and organized.