Elite Levels

National Education Network offered many levels for membership to fit all needs for trainees and provide appropriate support for them as following:

Fees Sub. Period No. of specialties No. of Training/Tests Discount per first course/test Discount per second course/test
Silver 500 1 Year 1 2 50% 25%
Gold 1000 1 Year 50% 50%
Platinum 2000 1 Year 50% 50%
Diamond 5000 1 Year 50% 50%


1. The discount rate is determined on the basis of level of membership or the cost of training course (maximum 50% of the value of subscription level)

2. Student gets a discount on every training course detailed separately or every international test separately (International Certificates which contain more than a training course or international test)

3. Available training courses file and amount of discount for each course for all specialists are attached

4. Available international tests file and amount of discount for each test for all specialists are attached

5. In the case of a certain number of training courses and international tests wholesale entry is available for both (for example: number of courses / tests: 2, then you have a number of training 2 course you get out on the discount, two international test get out on the discount)

Elite Membership advantages

Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Invite a friend to course/test with the same discount
Invite 2 friends to course/test with the same discount
Get a free Bank Prepaid card
Free Registration on NEN Employment Engine
Free Registration on another paid Employment Engines
Get ISIC Membership for free
Join Elite Points Program
Original Material discount 50%
Discount on membership renewal 50% 50%

1. Bank Prepaid Card issued with name of trainee and it’s his own, and he can implement purchases and withdrawals from anywhere permitted use according to the terms and conditions of the Bank. The network only issue the card free of charge to trainees.

2. Employment Engine account is basically a paid account. Provided by network for free for the trainees and we mention names of the engines under student contract.

3. The International Student Identity Card ISIC is an international identity card for students around the world and certified by the Organization of UNESCO and it have several privileges from travel and accommodation support and discounts to many hotels and restaurants around the world.

4. Elite Points is a points program that allows the student to double benefits of membership up to 100% support on international tests and training courses. For more on the Elite points program click here.