Elite Membership

Elite membership program designed specifically for students interested in developing themselves constantly. And seeking always to update their knowledge of the latest techniques and technologies available.

National Education Network created Elite Membership Program to reduce the high cost of the study to those students for most of the specialized programs as well as to facilitate the many difficulties faced by the students constantly, including:
- Lack of nearby training centers.
- Routine problems existing at training centers
- Length of waiting period for many of specialized training courses
- The inability to refund non-started courses fees which paid at training centers
- Any notes during training process.

The idea of Elite membership created through several measures pursued by National Education Network through our previous experiences, including:
- Centralized customer service worldwide to coordinate between students and training centers.
- Student can book his membership through phone by NEN ID and personal data and choose preferred training program and training center.
- customer service agent Identifies customers waiting period for student directly and record it at NEN system, in case of availability of a training course in same geographical area, we follow up with student to discuss his desire to wait for the same training center or change it to start immediately.
- Student don’t pay any fees for course, unless it begins.
- In case of any notes of training course (trainer, training center) student can back to waiting list again or change the training center during first two lectures.
- Join Elite points program which allowing student to double advantages obtained.
- In addition to get discounts of up to 100% on international tests and training courses.

National Education Network always seeks to develop ideas and features that enable our customers to get the best products and services and to facilitate the training process continuously.