About NEN

Team work

We have a team of experienced professional to meet customer needs and carefully selected trainers for the transfer of scientific knowledge.

Quality assurance

We rely on the latest scientific methods in management of training process, follow up and assess performance through Global Training System (GTS), Global Exams System (GES) and the global system of measurement (MTM).

Instructional variety of services

We use the latest International methods in the field of education, to make scientific content more easily and ensure that information delivered in less time, such as virtual classrooms and distance learning and interactive learning.

International Certificates

All certificates are supported globally through our partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and other technology leaders in the world.

Saving money

Students can save money by getting the Elite Membership cards, rewards points and participate in supported programs and international scholarships.

Time saving

Our customers can save time by joining the one-day workshops or remote training using interactive teaching and mobile testing labs.

Student account

We offer our customers a free account to access the electronic library, reservation management, complaints, proposals, technical support and all training process requirements.

Mobile application

Our customers can get more information about our new offers, confirm bookings and a lot of advantages through the application I*Connect.

Geographical spread

We have more than 1,000 trainer and 500 internationally accredited training center in the Middle East, under the direct supervision of the National Education Network.

International tests

We have more than 80 internationally accredited test centers in the Middle East, in addition to that we are the only company has an international mobile test center outside the UK and USA, to provide the highest level of service and maintaining trust of our customers.

Providing real job opportunities

We help in solving the problem of unemployment through our participation with more than 13 global recruitment networks and coordination with international companies to meet the needs of the labor market in addition to e-commerce, which supports programs and train students on how to use Internet at work as an employee.