NEN Vision

To reach global we must provide the highest international levels of training and ensuring access information in a professional manner by ensuring Quality of basic components of training process, which we are keen to provide at National Education Network accurately and efficiently, and its:

Certified trainers

Training is only through certified trainers with experience, allowing us to be sure that trainers have most of the tools and the expertise and high talent to be able to transfer knowledge to our clients, which require many years within days.

Scientific content

Our specialized training programs are in accordance with the internationally certified curriculum, and provide educational real scenarios, to help organizations and companies to pass the real objectives, achieve the desired results and ensure long-term success.

Technical supervision

We rely on Technical Supervision on a sophisticated electronic system to measure skills, analysis of quantitative, impact measurement, performance evaluation, implement tests and follow up what is happening behind the scenes through Global Training System (GTS) and Global Exams System (GES), to make sure that our customers receive the best value.

Environment and appropriate customer satisfaction

We are fully aware that confidence and satisfaction of customer is a strategic plan and real investment, which can increase our members and accredited centers numbers worldwide.