About NEN

Board of Directors

Dr. Marwan Ahmad

Dr. Tamer Younis
Vice Chairman

Eng. Mohamed Eleraky
Managing Director

Eng. Madhusn Elshamy
Managing Director

Business Development & Operations Departments

Eng. Eman Hassan
Operation Manager

Eng. Mostafa Elmasry
Business Dev. Manager

Dr. Waleed Sorour
Partner Relation Manager

Dr. Tetiana Chubukova
Franchise Manager
Scientific Research Manager

Mrs. Aya Mohamed
HR Manager

Mr. Ahmad Ramadan
Financial Manager

Mr. Abobakr Moatamed
Legal Affairs Manager

Dr. Waleed Rashad
Learning Solutions Manager

Eng. Ramy Khalil
Specialized Training Manager

Eng. Rwan Hesham
E-Learning Manager

Eng. Sara Kamal
Interactive Learning Manager

Eng. Mohamed Elmasry
Quality Control Manager

Eng. Ashour Elghadban
Manufacturing Unit Manager

Projects & International Cooperation Programs Department

Eng. Mohamed A. Raheem
Int'l Cooperation Manager

Eng. Safwat Mahmoud
Project Management Manager

Eng. Neama Mohamed
Project Manager

Eng. Marwa Eljerf
Project Manager

International Tests Management

Eng. Amr Helmy
Test Management Manager

Eng. Salwa Abdel Reheem
Int'l Test Center Manager

Eng. Ahmad Mohsen
Academic Test Center Manager

Eng. Moataz Hosny
Mobile Test Center Manager

Public Relations & Customer Servicea Department

Eng. Reem Midany
Public Relations Manager

Eng. Sedek Ali
Customer Services Manager

Eng. Aya Helmy
Call Center Manager

Eng. Ahmad Fayez
Print Center Manager

Sales & Marketing Department

Dr. Ahmad Younis
Marketing Manager

Eng. Zeinab Elkordy
Sales Manager

Eng. Muhammad Alkhateeb
Digital Marketing Manager

Eng. Mahmoud Magdy
License Sales Manager

Management of Information Technology & Software Development

Eng. Ahmad Aboelmagd
IT Manager

Eng. Mohamed Shedeed
Head of Information Systems

Eng. Tamer Yousri
Head of Electronic Systems

Eng. Sabir Husein
Head of Technical Support

Eng. Tarek Alaa
Head of Mobile APP Division

Eng. Mohamed Elnagar
Head of Database Division

Eng. Mohamed Ali
Head of Web App Division

Eng. Ismail Abo Harga
Head of Software Division

Branches Management

Eng. Mohamed Abdelhaleem
Branch Manager
Assuit - Egypt

Dr. Moharram Elrehbeny
Branch Manager
Damietta - Egypt

Eng. Mahmoud Elmasry
Branch Manager
Portsaid - Egypt

Dr. Amany Elghareeb
Branch Manager
Arish - Egypt

Eng. Ahmed Elmasry
Branch Manager
Ismaillia - Egypt

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa
Branch Manager
Ajman - UAE

Eng. Aymn khatab
Branch Manager
Dubai - UAE