About NEN

NEN for communication and information technology, is an Egyptian company established in 2008, aiming for production of educational software, integrated solutions and management of specialized training centers in the field of information technology.

National Education Network is a strategic project aimed at human resources development, to keep pace with the labor market requirements and provide real training service through specialized programs in the field of education which available in more than 500 certified training centers in the Middle East, many of the universities and educational institutions and trainers internationally accredited and major companies specializing in the field of communications and information technology, business administration participating in our project, NEN for communication and information technology is the exclusive implementer for this project.

National Education Network based in training process management on newest methods in raising the efficiency of the students in accordance with approved international curriculum, as it depends on Technical Supervision on a sophisticated electronic system to measure skills, follow-up, evaluate performance and implement tests through Global Training System (GTS), Global Exams System (GES) which are fitted with surveillance cameras in all classrooms, allowing full remote control on all stages of training process and ensure the quality of main elements of the training process, which represented in (certified trainer / scientific curriculum / practical training / appropriate training environment).