About NEN

National Education Network aims to develop the training process commensurate with increase efficiency and maintain the highest quality and benefits for student, institution and training centers, network have a lot of goals including:

• Strengthen cooperation, coordination and networking between educational institutions, training centers and certified trainers relations through joint projects according to international standards.

• Provide technical support in the management of training process for more than 500 accredited center in the Middle East through our offices and global system for monitoring and assess performance.

• Qualify generation of capable trainers on technology transfer within their communities and internationally accredited through the world's largest institutions.

• Human resources development, raising the efficiency of students to keep up with the labor market requirements in accordance with international approved curriculum through qualifying its members to deal with modern technology which will reflect positively on them to find multiple jobs.

• Measuring skills and bridge the gap between scientific content and requirements of the labor market.

• Provide sources of free education and instill new values among the youth and urged them to use Internet more effectively through self-education.

• Credibility of certificates through an international test and confirmation code.

• Support tests, original materials and reduce the cost to the individual.